APPSON Nigeria - Swearing In


APPSON exists to benefit its members. We want our members businesses to grow and prosper. Membership is open to:


Companies whose business includes developing ideas for the use of promotional products, buying such products from suppliers and reselling to end users.


Manufacturers, converts warehouses or products for sale to promotional products or to a firm manufacturing promotional products.


Companies that sells service, informations,equipment and concumabkes to support the promotional product industry.

APPSON Nigeria - Certificate Presentation


  • Must be in the industry for a minimum of a year.
  • Must have a turnover of N12 million naira per annum
  • Must have a verifiable office address
  • Company to be registered must have a Nigerian as its nandrolone decanoate dosage Director
  • Must provide appropriate business registration documents according to the law of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Annual membership dues will be fifty thousand naira payable January of every year and it's subject to review.