Mrs Abiola Sanni
Over the past 7 years, APPSON has established itself as an association in the Promotional Products Industry in Nigeria. As such, we have been at the forefront of the industries’ growth and development.

We have seen the Promotional Product Industry begin to grow structure-wise. However, we believe that the market’s full potential has not yet been reached and we are looking for partners, to accelerate this growth and reach our potential.

The development of the Promotional Products Industry in a given market requires a deep partnership between APPSON as an association and members who are fully committed to growing and building the industry over the long term.

Like all good partnerships, it takes commitment from both parties(APPSON association and member). We have invested time over 7 years in bringing promotional products to a new level and will continue to do so, and therefore ask for a number of commitments from our members. These commitments ensure that we invested in the industry as APPSON as well as in your Promotional Products Business.

We are looking for companies who:

  • Are passionate about Promotional Products and believe in the future of the industry.
  • Have been actively involved in the Promotional Products Industry for at least 2 years.
  • Have the ability to grow and scale a business
  • Are willing to share information and collaborate with Appsonites in building a future strategy.

Value is at the core of member retention. If a member doesn’t feel like they’re getting value from your organization, they’re likely to let their membership lapse. But on the flip side, if they do feel like they’re getting value from our organization, they’re likely to renew – and engage more with the association’s vision.

So how can we provide our members with added value?

  1. Connect Appson members

One of the biggest reasons people join associations and chambers of commerce is to network with other industry professionals. Appson will continue to offer opportunities to members, but take it a step further by introducing our members to others when it makes sense.

Our main aim is to connect members!

The fact that we take time to connect members speaks volumes and it’s added value for our members (a connection they may have not made otherwise).

  1. Appson is an enabler.  We suggest resources outside of what individual firms offer.

It’s so tempting to just want to promote your organization’s resources – your posts, your industry reports, your webinars, etc. But in the grand scheme of things, Appson’s primary goal is to help our members – with their passions and professions development.

Whenever Appson comes across a resource that may be of value to our members, even if it’s not directly tied to our industry, we aim to share it! As business owners, I bet members will be appreciative of impactful recommendations!

Information out there that may be of interest (and value) to Appson members, we share those! (It’s okay to promote resources outside of individual firms. If anything, it shows we genuinely care about our members’ success.)

  1. Offers educational opportunities, various trainings for CEO’s and staffs

We already offer a number of educational opportunities, from webinars to workshops to various sessions. As we plan, we make an effort to include content surrounding soft skills, in addition to content surrounding hard skills.

Here’s an example: we have held educational sessions revolving around marketing, but there were a few others in there tied a bit more closely to soft skills – public speaking, networking, leadership…and those were some of the most popular sessions over the last 7 years.

-Mrs. Abiola Sanni

APPSON exists to benefit its members and we want our members businesses to grow and prosper